Welcome to Makeda’s
    Somali and Abyssinian Cats!

    On this website I want to present my in-home cattery.
    I have been breeding and showing Somalis since 2010. 2013 my first Abyssinian cat moved in. I fell in love with Somali cats when I adopted my first ruddy Somali cat as a pet. Some time later I decided to breed these adorable cats. My dream came true with my first breeding cat „Alexa von Müllers Mühle“, a blue Abyssinian var. cat. So I am still rather at the beginning.

    I am breeding Somali, Abyssinian (var.) and Abyssinian cats in the colours ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. It is my objective  to breed healthy and sociable  Somali and Abyssinian cats with a strong type.

    I am member in a free cat association: EKZ Zwickau/Meerane e.V.

    My cats are examined by genetic testing for PRA and PK and the blood groups are determined to prevent blood type incompatibility.
    The kittens are born and raised in our home within the cat family and our family. We are a small in-home cattery located in Schwarzenbach a. d. Saale, Bavaria, Germany.

    If you are interested in a kitten of our cattery please contact us!